Best Hunting Spots in Arizona

Hunting is a great sport and pastime for many. It is much more than a hobby to those who practice it. The state of Arizona allows hunting year round. However, it is strictly regulated. It is believed that Arizona offers some of the absolute best hunting in the entire nation. Arizona is well known for the diversity of its wildlife, which includes everything from big and small game to fish. Yes, fishing is also a form of hunting. Arizona hunting can be a great experience for you. Read on to find out more about hunting in Arizona.

Hunting in the State of Arizona may be very popular but the State is well aware of the effects of hunting can have. Hunting can have direct effects on the futures of the various species that make Arizona their home which also has an effect on the sport itself. You can find a lot of different types of game in Arizona. This makes it difficult to pin down the “best” places simply because it depends on what you want to hunt. The “big game” includes your Big Horned Sheep, Elk, Buffalo, Black Bear, Antelope and Turkey. Small game varieties include Rabbit, Grouse, pigeon, quail, tree squirrel, doves and pheasant. There is also an abundance of different types of waterfowl for hunting as well. Limits have been set for each type of animal and it is strictly enforced.

Hunting is regulated to designated areas. Here are a few areas within the state that you can hunt. The Arizona game and fish department has broken the hunting into regions and you then are put into a statewide lottery to see who gets the privilege of owning a hunting permit. The regions are:

  • Pine top – region one: best for Deer, Turkey, Black Bear, Antelope and Elk
  • Flagstaff – region two: best for Deer, Turkey, Mountain Lion, Antelope and Elk
  • Kingman – region three: best for Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lion
  • Yuma – region four: best for Pheasant, Quail, Dove and Rabbit
  • Tucson – region five: best for Deer, Javelina, Quail, Dove and Rabbit
  • Mesa – region six: best for Black Bear, Quail, Dove and Rabbit

Those regions are broken up into units in which you can put in to be drawn for a hunting license. Most of the regions provide guided hunting parties and can help you to figure out where the particular wildlife you want is. This is an experience that is great to share with children and can be fun for the entire family. You will be sleeping under stars and bonding like you never have before; that is worth the trip even if you leave empty handed. Your children will be more relaxed and you can begin to show them how to respect Mother Nature. This is a great opportunity to show how much you trust in them and their judgment.

If you were planning a trip to go hunting in Arizona you would do well to visit the Arizona Fish and Game Departments’ website. They will give you all the details needed to go hunting in Arizona.


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