Lost in the Wilderness?

Survival Skills Book

If you find you are lost, size up the area around you. Use your common sense to mark your barrings. Listen to the sounds out there to try to determine the type of surroundings you are in. Remember, you are in someone else’s backyard now. If the animals in the area begin to sound strange, it is an indicator that an enemy is in the area.

Take the time to evaluate your physical condition. Tend to any wounds you may have encountered. Find out what equipment and supplies you have, and what your options are regarding their use. It is important to remain calm, as well as to prevent panic in anyone with you. Such panic only increases the chances of someone getting hurt. Never separate once you are lost. There is power in being together. You can offer each other your skills, support, and security. Make a pact to be strong physically and mentally as well as maintain a positive attitude about your survival.

Always be prepared for the possibility of being lost in the wilderness. Carry essential items including food, water, clothing, and tools for making shelter. Carrying a flare may also serve in helping you be safely found.

Under such stress, people tend to get upset with the situation and each other. If you often go into the wilderness with a group, practice how you will handle such situations. Assign specific jobs such as making shelter and finding water to each member. Such practice drills will help everyone remain calm should you need to put the survival skills to use out there.

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