Backpacking – Killer Tips For When You Go Backpacking

By having the correct backpacking gear you will be assured that it will be an enjoyable and pleasurable trip. It really can really make or break your adventure so follow these great tips to make sure you use the correct gear and have a fantastic time.

Buy gloves those are thick enough to protect and insulate from the cold and heat, but have good grip too.

When you turn in to sleep for the night make sure you wear a hat when sleeping in the cold. It is a highly effective way to get extra warmth as so much heat is lost through the head. You will be helping essential heat to not leave your body. Also, if you do feel yourself getting too warm then simply take it off – which is so much more convenient than taking off other layers of clothing or bedding.

Zip top bags are highly recommended as you can use them for both damp and wet items of clothing to isolate them away from your dry gear until you have a chance to dry them. It’s a great idea to carry your map in them to.

Bandanas are really useful too so include a couple in your kit. They can be used as a bandage, pot holder or even a water filter. They have many, many uses and are lightweight and take up virtually no room. You will not notice you are carrying them so if you don’t use them – it’s not a problem.

Take a newspaper on your trip – but not just for reading! These can be put inside your boots at night, when you settle down to camp. The newspaper will make your boots dry quicker by soaking up any moisture. If you don’t use them for your boots then they are also great as a firelighter.

Use individual colored bags to organize groups of items in your backpack. This will make these groups of items far easier to locate and will negate the need to empty your backpack in order to find something.

It is essential to carry some plastic bags – like the ones used for trash. These can be used for a multitude of things such as separating wet items of clothing from dry items, storing trash or covering over items form the rain.

Of course, don’t forget the essentials such as a swiss army knife, map and compass!

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