Backpacking in South Africa

With the world cup being held in South Africa for 2010 the country will be given a great opportunity to showcase not only its natural beauty but also its great hospitality. Apart from an expensive airline ticket over to South Africa, depending on your country of origin, your stay should be reasonably cheap. If you are looking to make your money go the extra mile you could consider backpacking your way through the beautiful country. Backpacking accommodation hostels have been setup all over south Africa, if there is an area that has something to offer in terms of natural beauty to man-made attractions an established hostel wont be too far away.

The backpacking industry in South Africa have been providing a special blend of hospitality, culture and fun to thousands of backpackers that make their way to its ports. All along the garden route, wildcoast and cities are backpacking staff each with the desire to leave the traveler with an experience they will never forget. Adrenaline packed shark cage diving to bungee jumping to the less intense animal petting can be arranged from any backpackers that you find on route.

Unique to the backpacking industry is the bazbus that will drop backpackers off from hostel to hostel, taking away the pain of having to organize alternative transportation and being dropped off in dark and dangerous city centers in the middle of the night. Another great mode of transport is to hire your own car, which can be done pretty cheap. It will offer you a lot more freedom than the bazbus and with a few friends can make your holiday an experience you will never forget.

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