Backpacking – How Fit Do I Need To Be?

Backpacking can be very hard work and strenuous – not unlike a workout. It is important to be in pretty good shape before embarking on any kind on strenuous physical activity, but how fit do you need to be in order to really enjoy backpacking?

When you are not good shape and unless you are just going for a stroll, you will not enjoy your backpacking adventure. It could even be dangerous going out on a strenuous backpacking adventure if you haven’t exercised in years. In order to do backpacking safely you need to follow a few simple step to ensure you are in good shape and wont come to any harm.

You will need to start to take some exercise and build up slowly before going on your trip. It is very wise to go and get checked out by your doctor before embarking on any exercise regime as you will need to do cardiovascular type exercise. You will have to incorporate aerobic activity into your regime. Start by slow walking or swimming then later move onto either gentle jogging or biking. Be sure to so plenty of stretching as it will help to limber your joints and muscles thus making them less prone to injury when you go on your backpacking trip. Stay on a regular and consistent regime and don’t give up.

After a few weeks of exercise you should feel a lot more confident to go on your backpacking trip. Try to stay in shape as it is not only good for your backpacking, but good for your long term health and wellbeing. Think how good it will feel to be able to complete the trip that you set out to do giving you a sense of achievement and elation.

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