Backpack reviews: Osprey Crescent 70 backpack

So you dream of going on a week long backpacking experience, or you have already been on several such trips but felt that your gear was inadequate and did not fully enhance your backpacking experience. Backpacks for longer trips should be designed to distribute the weight of more gear and supplies evenly and provide much needed ergonomic support for carrying larger volumes. The Osprey Crescent 70 backpack has these features and more.

The Osprey Crescent 70 backpack retails at around $349.00 and is designed with the backpacker’s comfort in mind, made possible in part by the new BioForm CM hipbelt, featuring the ErgoPull closure that uses split support wings to draw tension along the bottom and top of the belt.

Equipped with the 7075 ReCurve rods, the Osprey Crescent 70 backpack is a top notch load carrier providing stability and consistency in flex and shock absorption. This technology helps to maximize the even distribution of one’s load, prevent undue stress and injury to the body.It also improves your ability to carry heavy loads in your back without placing undue stress on your spine and hips.

Perhaps the most versatile feature of the Osprey Crescent 70 backpack is its zip off accessories. The hydration sleeve which is located in a pouch on the back of the pack is removable and can be used as a small pack fro a day hike. Similarly there is a top compartment which can be used as a fanny pack.

Effective Hydration is a critical necessity when backpacking. The ability to gain easy and quick access to hydration is provided by the Osprey Crescent 70. An AquaSource Recurve that clips into the back, carries hydration over the top of your pack or down the back panel. If for example, you don’t need to use the packpack, you can detach the hydration unit and use separately for a shorter excursion.

Osprey Crescent 70 back has other great features to entice you, like its capacity to carry stuff for a week or more if you pack light that is, storage for a fair sized sleeping bag, side entry for easy access and waterproof pockets. It provides good back support, is adequately padded and very durable. With all these great features, you can live with the somewhat bulkiness of the pack.

Taking a weekend trip, backpacking, hiking, camping, the Osprey Crescent 70 backpack combines superior comfort with good capacity and all the bells and whistles you need for a memorable trip. As with any investment you make, try before you buy and ensure that the Osprey Crescent 70 backpack is what you need for your particular activity.

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