An overview on hiking in Flagstaff, Arizona


Located at nearly 7,000 feet, near the base of the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona is a hiker’s paradise. After reading this general overview on hiking in Flagstaff, Arizona, please take the time to browse the websites which I researched as preparation for this overview for more detailed information.

The area in and around Flagstaff offers the hiker everything from high alpine aspen and ponderosa pine forests all the way to rugged deserts. Coconino National Forest trailheads begin only a few miles from the city. Wildflowers, oaks, ponderosa and pinion pines, fur and alligator bark junipers greet you with their beauty. The trail for Humphreys Summit, the highest peak in the state, begins only a short drive from downtown Flagstaff, but easy hikes on well maintained trails can be had on the city’s 33 mile urban trail system.

Visitors the world over find Flagstaff to be a most unique place in which to hike. The area offers the clean mountain air of the American West’s most beautiful hiking country. The San Francisco Peaks rise to over 12,000 feet, but hikers have access to myriad other trails with challenge levels ranging from easy to intermediate to downright difficult.

Experienced  hikers already know that the sun is more intense at high altitudes and exertion can make one short of breath, so take precautions. Always be sure to hike prepared. Bring plenty of water, and have lip balm, sunscreen and sunglasses. It is a wise idea to hike at a comfortable, steady pace and rest as needed to avoid fatigue. Also, check with the locals about the proper clothing to wear while hiking. Light clothing is recommended during the autumn. A rain jacket may be necessary during the summer months, but remember- you never want to be caught hiking a high, northern Arizona trail in a summer monsoon thunderstorm.

There are three general types of seasonal climates in the Flagstaff area. April through August are refreshing during the day and humid at night. Afternoon showers are not uncommon. The perfect season for hiking extends from September to October. The days are nice and cool and the evenings are chilly. November through March can be cold and snowy.

Hiking guides and outfitters that offer hiking trips in and near Flagstaff can be found by going to http://www.go-arizona.com/Flag staff/Guides/Hiking/.

Trails listed as easy include: Deer Hill Trail, Dairy Springs Trail, Doney Trail, Ledges Trail, Little Elden Trail, Pipeline

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