KOA Campgrounds in Georgia

The KOA campground family is represented by seven sites in the state of Georgia ranging from the norther end to the Florida border. If you’re not familiar with KOA this is the biggest chain of campsites in America which offers great locations with high standards of maintenance and service so no matter where you go you can rest assured you will have a good experience everytime. What follows is a quick overview of the Georgia KOA sites and what you can expect at each.

Calhoun’s KOA is open year round offering 50 amp service as well as one and two room cabins with camping lodges. They also offer a swimming pool open from May 1 to mid October and offer WiFi internet service free of charge which is now the KOA standard. The site can be located just to the east of highway 75. Plenty of ammenities are available for an extra charge and family oriented activities are the norm here. As you would expect the obligatory snack bar/video arcade is available. Within a thirty minute drive you’ll find plenty of shopping, museums in case you are feeling like a little cultural activity, and plenty of diverse activities to keep the entire clan happy.

Just South of the Calhoun site is Cartersville. Cartersville KOA isn’t quite as good as Calhoun as it doesn’t offer all the extra’s, but it does have all the basics and is more in line with waht most people think of as the standard KOA experience. You won’t find tanning beds and magic fingers beds here but you won’t suffer for comfort either. There are cabins available but only the one room variety. If Calhoun is overbooked or you want a little more of an out of the way experience this is perfect. You’ll find some nice family friendly activities near here and everything available outside the Calhoun KOA of major interest is just as easy to access from here.

In central Goergia Forsyth, Cordele, and Savannah are your options. Savannah is the most popular location thanks to it’s near coastal setting. Forsyth and Cordele are the standard KOA experience and enjoy a fair amount of traffic but aren’t overcrowded. Savannah offers one and two room cabins as well as the standard fare and has plenty of activity within an hour of the campground, enough in fact that you can stay busy here for a full week without any danger of being bored. This location has a tendancey to fill up fast so book in advance, especially if you need to have a cabin.

Along the Georgia/Florida border Bainbridge and Valdosta have KOA campgrounds which do a thriving business. These are both the standard fare of KOA sites with seasonal swimming pools, etc… but there locations just outside of Florida keep them very busy. Both are year round campsites and offer one room cabins which tend to book very quickly.

With KOA you know what to expect so far as quality goes. KOA operates under state regulations so there is never any worry about a sub-standard experience. If you have family KOA is a great safe, clean, economical option for your excursion. Book in advance for Savannah, esppecially in the spring and summer and be ready to have tons of fun!

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