Alaska Travel: Your Northern Adventure Awaits P1

Many people seem to overlook travel to Alaska when thinking about US vacation spots and for those with a sense of advanture you shouldn’t! Alaska has a bounty of things to see and do for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. It is a destination that holds multiple views…those seeing from one of the cruise ships see one part while those exploring the back country see something quite different.

Wildlife videographer Mike Mitten warns among the dangers in Alaska the biggest is not moose and grizzly bears. The biggest threat is hypothermia – and lack of preparation! Alaska adventure travel might include a trip to Denali to see some of the most unusual and awe inspiring country and wildlife in North America. You might catch a glimpse of wolves or caribou. Before venturing out get a good travel map to Alaska. Consider the season, read and be prepared. Use caution expecially at night – moose are not just “big deer” as some think. They are, when hit on the highway, 1100 pounds designed to put an end to your car, often with fatal results to humans and vehicles. Being prepared is very important. Know enough to not ever approach bear cubs – where there’s cubs there’s a mama bear ready to destroy anything that might hurt them. Moose can and will attack humans or other threats to their offspring and even when these animals are near cities such as Anchorage don’t ever forget they are wild animals.

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With that in mind thoroughly explore the interior of Alaska! It is breathtaking to capture the Northern Lights and listen to the wolves call in the background. Alaska air travel is common due to the vastness of the state and the rugged terrain. Alaska travel can, with the right planning and preparations, show a wild America unlike anywhere else in the United States. It is primitive and yet modern. It’s rugged and tough with bitter cold temperatures and seemingly endless darkness in the winter. Bird watchers can perhaps catch a glimpse of birds near Fairbanks that simply don’t live in the rest of the country – this rough interior country is their home.

An Alaska travel cruise can show another side in the right season – of sea birds and whales. Polar bears might be a rare sight but the beauty of Alaska is seen from multiple angles and the glaciers and ice flows are one of those that support more wildlife than it might appear. Many are not nearly familiar enough with this far north state.

Travel Alaska from every angle. Be safe – be mindful of the danger but take in the vastness and beauty of a world away. Walk back to a hot springs for an unbelievable treat and as you walk back through the open area keep your eyes open and look around. This made a memory of a lifetime when a family was walking back and saw a moose, then heard something behind them and turned to see another one. The first moose walked down, flat footed jumped the six foot walkway and disappeared into the woods. This shows the incredible power and athletic ability of these creatures that are ugly and beautiful at the same time. I was there – and after 30 years have never seen anything quite like it.

Travel Alaska….for the trip of a lifetime.

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