Advantages of Down Sleeping Bags

There are days when we really have to go back to our roots, leave the hustle and bustle of the city, and commune with nature. It’s an urge that is natural to us. And even though the magic of technology has somehow spoilt us and these new machines have become sort of like our second skin, we still find the urge to go hiking once in a while or to go fishing.

Somewhere within every man is a caveman, an adventurer, just waiting to escape. And when we don’t indulge that urge, we get edgy, irritable, bored.

However, braving the wilderness without the common comforts of modern living is incredibly hard. Besides, it is not really necessary. Bringing a bit of technology into our little nature adventures can’t exactly be considered as cheating, just practical.

Of course, there’s a limit. There are some things that are not allowed on camping trips, such as portable satellite TVs or microwave ovens. There are certain things that are necessary, however, like mosquito nets and of course, sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags, as the name implies, are sort of like large body bags where you can rest in when you retire for the night during camping. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can take your pick, really. But what’s special about it is that it is a large bag, sort of like a cocoon, which you can zip up when you go to sleep. People use it when they go camping or in any other situation where bringing a bed along would be sort of difficult. They are usually made of cotton or wool, and which one you’ll use depends on where you’ll go.

While sleeping bags provide a relative amount of comfort which would lessen the machismo effect of camping, they actually do serve a more important purpose.

The wild is not a place to be taken lightly, especially if you are not very experienced with it. There are dangers there that you would do well to avoid if you do not want to be harmed. First of all, there’s the danger of mosquitoes. Down sleeping bags can effectively keep these critters at bay.

Most importantly, down sleeping bags serve as warmth. When the temperature drops during the evenings, down sleeping bags can provide warmth.

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