Best Day Hikes in Arkansas

New Year's Day Hike: In My Shadow

Arkansas offers a wide range of hiking opportunities throughout the state. There are day hikes suited to every fitness level and time frame, whether hikers have one hour or seven to spend along the trail.

With more than 250 hiking trails suited to day hikes, Arkansas has an embarrassment of riches. Within the state, there are 52 state parks, 41 of which offer hiking trails, along with other recreational activities. From national forests to state parks to conservation areas, there is likely to be a good location for a day hike from anywhere in the state a hiker might be situated.

Whether taking in the views from atop the Ozarks or strolling through a scented pine forest, whether enjoying a lakeside view or walking beneath the green canopy of virgin hardwoods, there are endless miles of trails in Arkansas. Rich in vegetation, wildlife, and birds, Arkansas provides hikers with plenty to see and experience trailside. Below are some of Arkansas’s finest day hikes.

Bell Slough, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Trail Watchable Wildlife Trail This 1-2 hour interpretive trail is not only renowned for wildlife viewing, but also for its spectacular views. Migratory waterfowl are easily spotted here in their natural environment. Along the trail, observatory terraces with viewing scopes are available. There are also overlook arbors and benches lining the trail, for peaceful relaxation stops. Along the trail, hikers will see posted signs describing local plant life and animal species on view.

Crowley’s Ridge State Park Dancing Rabbit Trail This state park offers four different trails for day hiking, the most interesting of which is the “Dancing Rabbit Arroyo,” as coined by Native American tribes who used to camp here.. The trail leads hikers along a gully and over a swinging bridge as they make their way back toward the visitor’s center.

Devil’s Den State Park Devil’s Den Self-Guided Trail This 2-3 hour hike is very popular with day hikers and features two fracture caves-the Devil’s Den and the Devil’s Icebox. Wandering along gravity springs, hikers will see remnants of sandstone strata worn away by time, waterfalls, and lush plant life. A flashlight is needed for accessing the caves, and care should be taken while inside the cave due to crevasses.

Mount Magazine State Park Bear Hollow Trail A 7 mile loop connects four other trails with Bear Hollow Trail. Most unique about this trail are its origins; the first part of the trail was originally constructed in 1938 by

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