A Guide to Las Vegas Hiking Trails

Las Vegas offers a wide range of hiking trails for many different levels. They range in ability and all have different scenes. Anyone can enjoy themselves just by looking at the scenes that the trails offer.

First up is the Red Rock Canyon. This trail is thirteen miles long and will cost you five dollars or so to enter. There is great landscape to enjoy and is very close to the Red Rock Resort and Casino. There is a great visitor’s center where you will be able to go to the restroom and purchase drinks for your hike, jog, or skating trip. You may climb on the red rocks but be careful this trail can be hard in some parts but enjoy your time.

Next is the La Madre Springs Hiking Trail that is also a four mile round trip trail that has some difficulty stops, but most of the trail is easy to go through. This trail is very close to Blue Diamond Nevada and should take you two and a half hours to finish with no sight seeing along the way. While climbing up to the canyon you will mostly be on a paved trail and then it does turn into a single trail foot path after passing the pool along this trial. The only way to the pool is by foot though vehicles will get scratched and banged up along the trail.

Also in Las Vegas is the Fletcher Canyon Hiking Trail. This trial is also four mile round trip and could be finished within two and a half hours. Unlike the other trails this one is very well maintained and is at a elevation of eleven hundred. This one trail is easy and is surrounded by Pinyon pines, Mountain Mahogany and Manzanita plants. A great rail to exercise through and just even carry weights along the way is this one.

The fourth trail is the Big Falls Hiking Trail. One again this trail is four miles long but can take you up to three hours and is pretty easy to travel along. While traveling this trail you will be at an elevation of one thousand feet. There is great sight seeing on this trail of amazing waterfalls.

Next is the Hidden Forest Hiking Trail. You will travel through the forest to a cabin. The trail is eleven miles long and can take up to six hours to finish. It does have some tough spots to pass but most of it is easy to travel through. Be careful you will be traveling on loose gravel. The elevation for this trail is two thousand one hundred and ten feet.

Even though Las Vegas has more trails they offer these ones seems to be the most interesting and have the best sight seeing along the way and to enjoy some history along your travel too. If you’re interested in seeing some great sights with a bit less hiking and bit more information, Viator offers some cheap Las Vegas tours of the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

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