Camping in an Alaskan National Park

Several years ago, my family and I were given the rare opportunity to go to Denali National Park in Alaska. It was without a doubt, the most incredibly beautiful park we had ever seen. In Denali National Park lies the most comprehensive natural beauty and wilderness paradise that ever existed. Denali is perhaps one of the last bastions of wilderness and wildlife that literally thrive in this unspoiled region of the world.

Denali Park was originally established back in 1917 and is home to the highest mountain in North America, Mount Mc Kinley. Denali is also one of the largest parks in the U.S. being larger than the state of Massachusetts. On the day that my family and I were able to travel to Denali with our tour group we were not able to view this majestic mountain. The sky was sunny when we left Fairbanks the day before, but even though it was the middle of June the weather turned overcast.

On our way into Denali, our guide told us, that cars are not allowed into the park and people must get a permission slip of sorts to come to Denali. Only tour buses, RV’s and people on foot can come in. I also heard they restrict how long you can stay in the park. Alaska is one of the last bastions of unspoiled nature at her best, I’m very happy to see people trying to keep Denali as she should be, unspoiled, thriving, without condos or millionaire’s homes built in the middle.

We were told on our way in that “Whatever you bring into Denali must leave with you.” When you create garbage in Denali there’s no place to throw it out. Park officials do not want the animals getting used to a diet of human food. They especially do not want the wild bears to become accustomed to eating human food, because then they will end up starving to death. So, whatever you bring into Denali and whatever garbage you create must leave when you leave. Park officials want this incredible natural wonder to remain unchanged.

Denali consists of three major zones; the lowland evergreen forest zone, the higher artic tundra, and the barren snow and ice of the Mt. MC Kinley zone. The evergreen forest zone with its vast valleys and rivers is home to most of Denali’s animals, such as the caribou. The next area, the artic tundra is where you will see Dall sheep congregating on the sides of mountains. The next zone is the artic zone where animals can’t live because it is too high up, very windy and these mountainous regions have snow all year long.

There are seven different camping areas

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