5 Best Areas to Camp in Arizona

Many think of the desert when they imagine Arizona but the state actually has a very diverse variety of ecosystems and wildlife. From canyons to mountain tops the Grand Canyon State has no shortage of places to go camping. Whether you are a tent camper or an RV camper and into hiking, fishing, hunting or just getting away from it all this state has you covered. In fact, there are so many quality places to camp here that trying to nail down which is best is dependent on what you want to get out of the experience. Fortunately if you live in or are planning a trip to Arizona there are definite places that are musts for the all types of camping enthusiast to consider. Read on to find out where five of the best areas are in Arizona to camp.

1. Alpine sitting in the middle of Apache National Forest at around 8000 feet above sea level it is green and lush. Lakes and rivers, which have great trout fishing, are all over this forested area. There are so many campgrounds to choose from finding the kind of campground that suits you should be no problem whatsoever. There are even furnished cabins available for rent for those in large groups or for those interested in hunting large game. Also a great place to hike because of the vast amount of hiking trails; you have to be cautious though there are active bear and mountain lion populations in this area. A great place to start is Big Lake which has five campgrounds.


2. The Grand Canyon area is a wonderful place to camp. The popularity of the area can work both to your benefit and against. There is camping available for any persons needs however, “getting away from it all” can be a challenge. Plan to camp down inside the canyon for at least a two nights because it will be and adventure you will never forget. It is definitely a hiker’s paradise but remember you can always take a mule both ways! If you enjoy fishing or hunting there is always the Williams and Flagstaff area to the south; keep in mind for those of you who like to camp in tents this was a very volcanic area and can be pretty rocky. This area is fairly unique because you can choose to do either desert camping or forest camping all within an hour’s driving distance of each other.


3. Another great place littered with campsites is Safford. From lakes to dunes there is plenty of outdoor recreation available. Go fishing at one of the lakes in the morning then ride around on ATVs at the dunes in the afternoon then relax and soak in the hot springs at night. There are campsites for tents and RVs but following precaution with your food is especially important due to the amount of bears in the area.


4. Show Low is another one of the heavily forested areas. Smack dab between Sitgreaves National Forest and Apache National Forest be prepared for pine tree overload. This is a kind of junction to go pretty much anywhere in the White Mountains of Arizona. Anything kind of outdoor activity you are into is possible here. If you like to stick close to civilization there are campgrounds on lakes right in town. Or you can drive for an hour or so to a number of beautiful lakes with really amazing campgrounds.


5. Way to the south is Patagonia right by Coronado National Forest. This is a very spread out area and it is huge. This is the Southwest so the climate is dry and the terrain is mountainous, full of canyons and valleys. To the west is, Patagonia Lake which is very popular with a lot of room but is a very typical campground. To the east is the least known and probably one of the most isolated places called Parker Canyon Lake. If you like being in the middle of nowhere this is it. Being right next to the U.S. Mexico border, if you happen to pick up a cell phone signal, it is most likely to be from Mexico. Fishing is good and surprisingly it even has boat rentals. If you are a hunter come to the area in the spring or fall for some great javelina hunting.

Arizona has many places to hike, hunt, fish, 4 wheel, rock climb, ski and simply enjoy natures beauty. The best thing about Arizona is there is always a welcoming climate somewhere no matter the season.



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